TITLE                 SUBJECT
MC 2019-001 Supplementary Clarification on the coverage of DAO 2016-08 Relative to the Granting of not more than five (5) Years Grace Period Download
MC 2019-004 Advance Training Modules for Pollution Control Officers (PCOs) Download
DMC 2018-10 Additional List of Classified Water Bodies Download
R.A 9275 Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 Download
National Water Quality Status Report 2006-2013 Download
EMB MC 2016-012 EMB Approved Methods of Analysis  Download
EMB MC No. 2018-001 Deferment of the Conduct of Basic and Advance Training for Pollution Control Officers for Renewal Purposes Download
EMB MC 2016-007 Operational Manual for the Area Water Quality Management Fund Download
MEMO-2016-635 Memorandum on Priority Rivers Dated 8 June 2016 Download
DAO 2016-08 Water Quality Guidelines and General Effluent Standards of 2016 Download
MC 2016-006 Guidelines for Recreational Water Monitoring Program Download
EMB MC 2013-006 Guidelines for WQMA Action Planning and LGU Compliance Scheme    Download
EMB MC 2012-001 Clarification on the applicability of effluent regulations    Download
EMB MC 2009-002 Amending revised procedural Manual for DAO 03-30 Dated 30 June 2003 on the Classification of the fast food Stores, Restaurants    Download
MC 2009-14 Strict implementation of the 50 Meters Buffer Zone    Download
JMC 2009-01 Creation of the La Mesa watershed Multi-sectoral Management council and defining its function    Download
EMB MC 2003-007 Procedural Manual for DAO 2003-26    Download
EMB MC 2003-006 Implementation Scheme for Industrial EcoWatch System 2003    Download
EMB MC 2008-008  Ambient Water and Effluent Quality Monitoring    Download
EMB MC 2008-008  Ambient Water  Quality Monitoring Manual    Download
EMB MC 2008-008  Effluent Quality Monitoring Manual    Download
EMB MC 2003-008 Procedural and Reference Manual for DAO 2003-27    Download
DMC 2009-01 Additional List for Classified Water Bodies    Download
DAO 2005-10 Implementing Rules and Regulation of the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 (Republic Act. No. 9275)    Download
EMB MC 06 Series of 2013 Guidelines for Water Quality Management Area Action Planning and LGU’s Compliance Scheme    Download
MC 2009-15 Procedural Manual for the Designation of Water Quality Management Areas   Download
RA 9275 An act providing for a comprehensive water quality management and for other purposes   Download
DAO 2003-39 Implementing Rules and Regulations of DAO 16, Series of 2002 Entitled “The DERN-EMB National Environmental User’s Fee of 2002  Download
DAO 2003-27 Amending DAO 26, DAO 29 an DAO 2000-81 Among others on the preparation and submission of Self Monitoring Report (SMR)    Download
DAO 2007-28 Institutionalizing the Manila Bay Environmental Management Project within the DENR through the Implementation of the Operational Plan…    Download
DAO 2004-25 Amending Chapter V, Article 1 of the implementing rules and regulation of PD 984 by deleting the authority to construct and conversion..    Download
DAO 1990-35 Revised Effluent Regulation of 1990, Revising and Amending the Effluent Regulation of 1982    Download
DAO 2003-26 Revised Industrial Ecowatch System Amending Implementing Guidelines of DAO 98-51 Series of 1998    Download
DAO 1994-26A Philippine Standards For Drinking Water 1993 Under The Provision Of Chapter II, Section 9 of PD 856, Otherwise known as The Code on San    Download
DMC 2004-13 List of Classified/ Declassified water bodies in 2003    Download
DMC 2004-11 Compliance of all Wastewater Discharges to Upgraded and Reclassified Waterbodies    Download
DMC 2007-10 List of classified water bodies in 2006    Download
DMC 2005-006 List of Classified Water Bodies in 2004    Download
DAO 2009-12 Designation of the Sarangani Bay Water Quality Management Area and Creation of its Governing Board    Download
DAO 2009-11 Designation of the Iloilo Batiano River Systems Water Quality Management Area and Creation of its Governing Board    Download
DMC 2004-10 Clarification on the Form of Cyanide Referred to the DENR Administrative Order DAO No. 34, Revised water usage and classification water    Download
DAO 2011-14 Strict Implementation of the 50 meters buffer zone    Download