Here are some of the water bodies under Adopt-an-Estero/Water Body Program. Click picture/link to view Before & After Photos and Water Quality Monitoring data.


Before Clean-up

Before Clean-up

Before Clean-up

After Clean-up

After Clean-up

 After Clean-up


Maricaban Creek Lingunan Creek Marikina River
Tullahan River Mauling Creek Palico Creek

What is Adopt-an-Estero/Water Body Program?

Adopt-an-Estero/Water Body Program is a collaborative undertaking between and among the Estero Community, Donor-Partner, Local Government Unit/s, other government agencies and the DENR. Response to the continuing mandamus by the Supreme Court for agencies led by the DENR to clean up Manila Bay, particularly through the esteros and waterways that empty into it. Objectives of the Program Clean the esteros of wastes, debris and silt starting 2010 until all have been cleaned up. Mobilize estero communities in cleaning the estero and enlist their active participation in the actual clean up, and in implementing and preparing plans to sustain a clean estero in the future years.

Why engage stakeholders and partners in the Program?

  • To institutionalize the Program within the LGUs particularly barangays, towards community empowerment
  • To ensure sustainability of the program and benefits derived
  • To boost public-private partnership


Who is an Estero Donor/Partner?

A Donor/Partner may be a business establishment, an industry association, a non-government organization or any other group that volunteers to be a major actor in cleaning the esteros. The donor may accept full undertaking in the clean-up of an estero or may just provide equipment and manpower to do actual clean-up in partnership with the DENR and other donors. On its own, the donor-partner may decide to identify an estero, provided the estero has not been taken by or assigned to another donor partner. Adopting a Estero Donor-partner may collaborate with one or more donors (if estero traverses long/large areas).

  • Ex: a donor may “adopt” the upstream; another, the midstream, and a third one, the downstream part of the estero.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

  • The donor-partner will enter into an agreement with the DENR;
  • The MOA will spell out the roles, responsibilities and tasks of the donor-partner, LGU and the DENR

The Donor Partner Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Sign a MOA with DENR
  • —Organize a Linis Estero Team
  • Participate in clean-up planning sessions with the DENR, LGU and with the target estero communities
  • —Prepare a Comprehensive Clean-Up Plan for the “adopted estero”
  • ——Provide resources (equipment, personnel, funds, time) to carry out the comprehensive clean up plan.
  • Set up a Monitoring and Evaluation System to determine progressively the accomplishments vis-à-vis the plan and be able to effect corrective/ enhancement actions